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Never written a song before? Not a problem! Get writing with Ingrid's songwriting lessons, where she will guide you through the basics of creating your own composition. For improvers, Ingrid will help you hone your skills in lyric writing, harmony, melodic development and improvisation techniques.

In music theory lessons, you will develop both your written and aural skills. Ingrid's theory lessons will also enable you to take your Grade 5 Theory exam, should you choose to. 

Lessons start from £15 per half hour.

Also available for group workshops.

Phone: +447523073090





Improve your vocal and performance technique with fun, interactive one-to-one singing lessons for all ages. Extend your vocal range and learn how to sing your favourite songs to the best of your ability; developing your knowledge of the physiology of the voice in order to formulate a method of singing that is safe and sustainable.


Ingrid is particularly passionate about helping the student to use music as a channel of emotional release, as singing is proven to benefit mood through the release of endorphins into the brain. Watch your confidence grow as you improve your ability to sing, speak and be assertive through Ingrid's singing lessons.


You will also have the opportunity to record the songs you learn in order to listen back and improve on your technique - plus you get to take home your recordings! During this process you will have the chance to learn how to use industry standard recording software (Logic Pro X) as well as working on your microphone technique.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • DBS Certificate

  • BA (Hons) Popular Music (Leeds College of Music)

  • Grade 8 Singing (with Distinction)

  • Grade 6 Piano

  • Grade 5 Music Theory

  • 10 years as a performing singer-songwriter

  • Past performances: Live at Leeds, York's Little Festival of Live Music, Barga Jazz Festival, support act for Julian Smith

  • Written and released first EP in 2011, first solo album 'Stories of Undecided Fate' in 2014, 'Mountains & Rivers' EP in 2016 and ‘Kingfisher’ album in 2018

  • Professional wedding singer since 2012

  • Teaching voice, songwriting and music theory since 2015

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